We offer a vast range of multipurpose flat tarpaulin materials. From lightweight tarps to FR anti-static and tar resistant. Some examples: tarps for containers, boats, tipping lorries, trailers,…

Our standard range is unique and boasts a vast variety of widths, weights, colours and types. In addition, we can produce tailor-made fabrics produced according to your specifications.


Article Fabric Weight Width (cm) Breaking strength warp Breaking strength weft Tear strength warp Tear strength weft Fire behaviour
B7000 100% PES - 1100 dtex 550 g/m² 204 - 250 - 300 (check technical datasheet for width by colour) 2500 N/5cm 1800 N/5cm 250 N 250 N  
B7808 100% PES - 1100 dtex 600 g/m² 300 2500 N/5cm 1800 N/5cm 250 N 250 N M2