Our B6000 panama range is very complete offering a large choice of widths and colours. Our standard range consists of 61 colours and 3 widths, all and are all delivered from stock. This means fast service, quick delivery and excellent quality.

Check our standard range of covers here. We offer a vast range of truck covers material available in a wide variety of widths, weights, colours and types.
Our standard range consists of 30 colours and 6 widths and are all stock delivered. For special requests please contact us.

We offer a vast range of multipurpose flat tarpaulin materials. From lightweight tarps to FR anti-static and tar resistant. Some examples: tarps for containers, boats, tipping lorries, trailers,…

Bitumen and asphalt, primarily used for paving roads, are sticky, black and highly viscous or semi-solid oil-based materials.

Check our standard range of technical textiles for trailer roofs. Our standard range is available in weights from 680g/m² until 850g/m². Standard width are 250cm, 281cm and 300cm. Please contact us for special requests. Also check our Carapax and Airtube roof solutions.