As a fully integrated coater, Sioen has designed and fine-tuned its machinery to produce high quality textile architecture membranes with the utmost care. The success of the technology is based on the full integration of each critical process step: spinning of the yarns, weaving, fabric pre-treatment, and the formulation of the chemicals and topcoats.

For high speed doors and roller shutter doors, we have developed a special range of technical textiles. These are especially designed curtain materials for all kinds of rolling doors.

We are specialized in the production of impregnated open structure scrims. The open weave fabric is dip coated before being wound directly on the weaving loop.

We produce a series of pond liners and sheeting for water reservoirs, used in the construction of recreational ponds and industrial reservoirs, cultivating beds and dams, for customers worldwide.

Sioen produces technical textiles for extreme circumstances such as wind mill ventilation and for ventilation applications where anti-static fabrics are required. Our know how and technological lead allow us to produce tailor made high end products that meet all your engineering requirements.