Sioen developed a range of technical membranes for silos containing non-greasy biomass and greasy waste (like slaughter waste, dung, orange scraps, peanut scraps, corn …).

Sioen manure membranes will help you with all of your manure storage needs. Since many years we have been producing manure storage membranes for livestock and dairy farmers. Sioen stands for high quality products and an efficient production process and has an international reputation for reliability and technical know-how.

Sioen produces durable technical textiles for various kinds of liquid storage and transportation. Different materials are food approved and comply to the most stringent standards and regulations (see certificates per quality). The solid seam strength of the fabric is the result of excellent welding properties.

We have developed a range of technical textiles that can be used for the packaging and covering of aqueous foods having a pH > 4,5. The food spectrum is very wide: from dry food such as vegetables and whole fruits to drinking water and non-alcoholic beverages.

Sioen offers a range of security heavy duty membranes for machine protection. The heavy duty fabric is used as a protection against knives, cutter bars, blades and debris thrown by rotating disks and prevents operator or bystanders from being injured.

Another example of our recent developments is our technical textile collection for fencing, construction of stables and facade covers. The facade cover market being a typical made-to-order market. Our R&D and sales team, is at your entire disposal for turning your personal ideas into your customized facade cover.

Our range of technical textiles also includes products for oil dams, rigs and booms. Our intensive R&D efforts have resulted in a solid, oil and grease resistant fabric with a high tear strength, easily to convert.